Mypaysite dating

We do apologize for this delay and any inconvenience this may have caused you, we are working with the acquirers to resolve this delay and find a different method to clear the settlements and avoid this payout delay.

Payment 9947531 should leave our sending bank tomorrow and reach your bank in a few days.

The payment delays has been caused by a change in the way our acquirer sends the settlements to us.

To this date they are still charging our customers.

We have even taken the site offline but they are still charging recurring membership fees for a site that is offline.

Here are very negative feedback about Zombio on the largest adult industry forums about NON payment and lots of excuses by several well known members/site owners.

I have an account with them and have been trying to get a response to payments that are over a month old and have not received any details. Their last reply (it took 10 days) was: "I do apologize for the late reply.

Before closing my accounts I will post all of the tickets I have opened with them to show how they have ignored them. They are incredibly slow to respond to tickets and have not released payment.


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    Did you ever want you had an interpreter reachable whilst chatting. Babel is comparable in idea to Analogue with one huge introduced characteristic – everyone else’s chat may be instantly translated into the language of your desire. – like requiring consumer logins and the ability to prohibit humans out of your chat room .

  3. eric   •, a dating website in China that claims to have 85 million registered members, has set up more than 130 offline service centers in more than 80 cities to identify online users.

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