Mywebdating com Only a true gold-digger would find a way to make a profit off of gold-digging.The women on this site consist of gorgeous 20-something girls whose ample bosoms appear to compensate for their complete lack of morals.However, this site is determined to keep that from happening.Wo W fans can now get-off on swords, trolls, and whatever else is involved in that game with other people who are just as nerdy as they are. Is there any group less qualified to start a dating site than Wo W fans? They may be awesome at Wo W, but when it comes to dating, let’s face it…they’re total n00bs!

While it may be hard to believe that people would do such a thing, 14,000,000 members certainly prove otherwise.

Or perhaps you are the kind of guy that would love to have a girlfriend, but don’t actually want to spend more than 15 minutes a week with her (World of Warcraft, FTW! For a mere the federal government will allow you to look at pictures and brief bios (which interestingly do NOT include the offenses committed by the eligible inmates) and begin corresponding with the lucky lady of your choice.

Honestly, if this isn’t a crime…I don’t know what is. Ever wish finding a significant other was as easy as buying a pair of shoes? Simply scroll through the pictures, choose your favorite girl, make a secure payment and she will be delivered first-class via Russian Airlines right to your doorstep.

And people say romance is dead..pshhhh Ashley Once has done its job and you’ve walked down the aisle, it’s time to graduate to this web-site: online dating for adulterers.The Oddly Specific Dating sites for tall and short people: is a site for short people to seek out people of similar stature.


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