Naked black women white men dating

To prove that point, we at Hip-Hop Wired found 18 African-American ladies that are generally in the company of the Caucasian persuasion.

I'm a white guy, and every time I go out in London i see alot of black men with white girlfriends/wives.


As a black man who is successful and very good looking, I have to admit that I do get alot of attention from every race of woman, but i reject every woman unless she is white.

White women just have an attractive presence about them which is appealing to a successful man like myself.

Interracial dating is no longer taboo or a thing for just the fellas.

It’s smack dab right in our faces as we see more women of color opening themselves up to date those various ethnicities.

In other words, it’s reshaping our culture as we know it.showcasing overwhelming statistics that approval ratings for interracial couples amongst the general public has skyrocketed since segregation, the Internet is still a vast space for snark and disdain.


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