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The breeding female in Manton Bay, Maya, returned on 21st March. They immediately settled in and began preparing the nest for eggs, which were laid on 4th, 7th and 10th April.Two chicks hatched on 14th May, and the third on 16th May.Keswick School has a great weather site, too, linked to lots of local weather stations.Please see below for local weather forecast information from the Met Office.The chicks were ringed on 24th June – T6, T7 (female) and T8 (male).T7 fledged on 4th July, T6 on 6th July and T8 on 7th July.Also check the latest Fell Top Conditions and the MWIS Lake District weather report.


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The nest cameras and transmission equipment have been kindly funded by the Martin Lawrence Memorial Trust.


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