*** *** I WAS shocked to see people complaining about a N increase in taxi fares at Walvis Bay.

TUESDAY was in its element yesterday as it basked in the 'glory' of a #Choose Day of note! I really have to wonder whether this is how Trans Namib wants to entertain their customers or whether it was just a case of a perverted employee who could not wait to go home and watch the filthy movie.

Nonetheless in my opinion this is just total disrespect and disregard of their customers and management really needs to have a look at other non-perverted and customer friendly ways of entertainment.

TUESDAY was in its element yesterday as it basked in the 'glory' of a #Choose Day of note! *** *** GOVERNMENT gambled with our economy using poor policies and lost. That is not good gov *** *** SACKY Shanghala, our “domestic remedies” are not even good enough to stop the institutionalised corruption of our political elite. If we have no intention to commit war crimes, why leave the ICC? When alcohol goes up they will buy it without any complaint.

Use the newspapers to expose them; let's see how they will survive. The fate of the Namibian people cannot be in the hands of a Swapo Party manifesto alone.

Plus, weddings that work, visions that inform, births that birth… TUTA absoluta, a pest that damages tomato plants, potatoes, egg plant and green pepper has been detected in Namibia, players in the horticulture industry confirmed this week.

I was with my three-and-a-half-year-old son and my colleague. It was a movie which featured naked women and things that I cannot even mention in this letter. I WAS horrified when I travelled on Friday 14th of November for the first and the last time on a Trans Namib Starline passenger train.


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    It was hard, but becoming a small business owner let me pick my hours; so the minute that bell rang and my kids were out of school, I could be around them.

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    Odd Future rapper Tyler, the Creator Instagrammed a picture of the couple with the caption “Hhahahahahah.” Lorde quickly dismissed his mockery, responding: “Was this supposed to make me feel something?

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    'Do you think God is punishing me for having sex with a man 20 years younger than me?

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