Ekis Ekman, a Swede, is a supporter of her country’s approach to prostitution, which since 1999 has banned clients for paying for sex, as well as pimping and trafficking, but doesn’t make prostitution itself illegal.

It’s based on the belief that paying for sex is always a violent act.

It started with the Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ talk ‘Women For Sale’ at which three sex workers protested outside about the lack of representation of sex workers on the panel. “No one is taking advantage of me anymore,” Goff told journalist James Thomas. For example, I would argue that traditional marriage – which included conjugal rights particularly when women were not able to go to work or were fired when they first got married and were basically selling their bodies and their reproductive rights to her husband, he bought them, by giving her room and board in return – was a form of prostitution.” But the reality of legal sex work is a world away from historical concepts of the marriage contract, and a long way from prestige escorts like Goff.

A few hours later, on Channel 7’s program, Amanda Goff, a former beauty editor, declared that after separating from her husband and a few nasty dating experiences she was going to charge for something that she was doing for free anyway. “When you have a society where women’s main currency is really their sexual favours, their ability to reproduce, then a lot of what women do is a form of prostitution.

Look at Germany’s legal sex workers – at one of the country’s so-called “mega-brothels”, the going rate is 50 euros for half an hour, and dropping daily. “‘One woman here will even do it for a Big Mac,’ a prostitute called Alia told a German newspaper last year,” according to a special investigation by the UK Telegraph.

Since Germany legalised prostitution in 2002, it has been flooded with foreign sex workers, mostly from Eastern Europe.

Opponents of the law say it treats all sex workers as victims. Denmark took the opposite approach to Sweden by legalising prostitution in 1999.

It now has four times the number of trafficking victims as Sweden, despite having half the population.

“Their sheer number, and willingness to accept lower rates, has driven prices so low one American punter, who takes three sex trips to Germany each year, calls the country ‘Aldi for prostitutes’,” reported Nisha Lilia Diu. Some men have got very rich building big brothels in Germany since 2002, but of the 400,000-odd sex workers, so far 44 have registered for benefits.

Germany and the Netherlands – other countries where prostitution is legal – are among the five worst blackspots for sex trafficking.

said that prostitution was incompatible with equality between the sexes, and that its existence affects the whole society.

She has said that prostitution is the enemy of sexual liberation and free will.

Then last night on the ABC’s Q&A from the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, when author and feminist Jane Caro was asked if prostitution could be considered a deliberate career choice, she answered with her own “dangerous idea” in which she compared the traditional concept of marriage to prostitution. I’m gonna sell my body.” Goff charges 0 an hour or ,000 for a full night.


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