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Sometimes after I’m distracted I come back to the topic I had originally wanted to blog about. Or, sometimes (like this time), it takes me nearly two months.

I realize that that’s kind of a lame excuse, but, well, that’s just how Orac rolls. Unfortunately, the article that brought my attention (back) to this particular form of cancer quackery is a story that is very sad.

On Monday, he reluctantly started chemotherapy for the first time.

Doctors say Mulligan will be lucky if he lives another two months, but he said he’s not worried.



In any case, I just realize that, as far as I can tell, I’ve never blogged about this bit of cancer quackery before. I thought I had covered pretty much every major form of cancer quackery at least once over the seven and a half years this blog has been in existence. The 45-year-old carpenter at the University of Windsor refused all traditional treatments for his terminal stomach cancer for about two months, until complications from an expanding liver landed him in the hospital.

But now I’m confident.” Mulligan is one of many Windsor cancer patients who have crossed the border over the years to attend meetings of an organization based out of Warren, Mich., that promotes Cantron as a miracle cure.

Stomach cancer is, generally speaking, a bad actor.

It’s the sort of tumor that’s hard enough to treat even when it’s localized to the stomach, but when it’s metastasized to the liver, as it has in Mr. According to a video on the Windsor Star website, back in February Mulligan had been experiencing pains in his upper abdomen.

A couple of months ago, a reader sent me an article that really disturbed me.

In fact, I had originally been planning to write about it not long after I received it.


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