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The identification of the deities depicted in the painting was most intriguing part of the study of this work.The ritual texts that go with the painting provide the description of the depicted deities.The book is filled with hilarious stories where his close-knit family members (his wife Angela, daughter Mary and son Jamie) heartily join in writing chapters to give us an entertaining and often insightful perspective of Nepal especially from the late 1970s and eighties which for me made riveting reading.Indeed, the contributions from them add very strongly to the appeal of this book.Written in simple language and lucid style, this book is a memoir of a doctor and what he and his family had to go through when his mother became sick.This book tells how Nepali society has to go through by the ignorance of the doctors and in a lack of proper medical facility.In a classic Kafkaesque fashion, the play unfolds in a courtroom where an unnamed author is under trial for writing a politically transgressive work.


The painting belongs to the Bon religion tradition and is currently preserved in Rubin Museum of Art in New York.

A heart touching story that presented in an interesting manner.

Aadha Joon, a work of political fiction, is published by Fine Print publications.

The book mostly revolves around the communist movements in the country between 2036 BS to 2052 BS, and all the three speakers believed that the book had realistically documented the political and social milieu of the time.

This book is an excellent photographic guide to the birds of Chitwan and other national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas of lowland Nepal.

This book is useful for novice, amateurs, specialists and interested bird watchers from all over the world. It covers general identification, habitat, calls, behavior, food, status and distribution.


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