Neurotically yours dating advice who is kim dating with the housewives of beverly hill

It’s not easy to walk away from every single opportunity.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all men, just most of the ones many women are interested in.

Too Many Options“Men are as faithful as their options.” We’ve all heard it, and this inconvenient truth has resurfaced as of late thanks to Shaq’s new book, citing this very reason as the source of his own infidelities.

Men spend a significant portion of their existence building wealth, muscles and confidence just to be considered as a sex partner.

Once he’s attained enough of either, he’ll attract multiple women and be rewarded for all of that self-improvement.

Sometimes wealth and fame comes very fast, giving he who posesses those qualities a disproportionate number of options.

The emotional and psychological challenges experienced by many men attempting fidelity are underrated in mainstream romance.

These next few reasons for male infidelity will make you squirm in your seat, get your eyes rolling, head shaking, and flaming the comments. Just cold, hard, inconvenient truths about a man you used to, or will soon love — and why there’s roughly a 1 in 2 chance he cheats. Most marriages are based on an agreement that’s full of loopholes and vagueness, but at least there is something in writing.Cheating has been analyzed through a never ending stream of expert opinions and “why men cheat” books and articles. “Booed,” “Involved,” or “Dating” are not options on any form I’ve ever seen for relationship status.Overwhelmingly, the barrage of cheat-lit takes the much needed stance of helping women either demonize or empathize in addition to ensuring women that there’s something that can be done to prevent a man from cheating. This is not your typical, girly, “why men cheat” list intent on giving you false hope. Perhaps you fall into one of those categories with a guy and the two of you have been seeing a lot of each other, but when did he ever say he was going to have sex with you, and only you?Practice relationships are built on mutual agreements that many couples never bother to discuss.

If you have never discussed monogamy with your man, and you are not married, he might likely be cheating.By comparison, men that are broke and swaggerless have a higher propensity to be faithful.


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