Nexus dating club


But when it was Roy's turn, he was able to impress Aisha more and causing Nex to react out of jealousy and knocked off the ring Roy was suppose to go through leading Roy to be thrown off a bit and hanging onto the platform.

This angered Aisha and she scolded Nex for doing so before stamping out of her gym.

When Roy was turned into stone, Nex called out his name and ran towards him out of concern but was also turned into stone.

Later, Daphne and Thoren discovered the Treants' weaknesses and informed the others.

He joined the group as they returned to Linphea in attempt to stop the Trix's invasion.


When the Winx arrives, he is seen trying to flirt with Aisha causing Roy to get jealous and challenge him to a battle, which Nex wins.

He and Thoren also fought along side the Specialists, the Winx and their fellow classmates when the Treants began their assault but to no avail and had to retreat back to Alfea.

Back at Alfea, Nex, Thoren and the Specialists trained with the Winx in Aisha's gym.

He and Sky were up first and he showcased his abilities as he was capable enough to match Sky's agility through the course.

And because he is attracted to Aisha, he tends to get a little jealous of Roy when he impressed her, and so he has a bit of angst against him.Despite this, he knows what his priorities are and is shown to be courageous and caring even towards Roy when he was affected by the petrifying beams.


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    er, and I wondered if you’d like to celebrate the end of the series? While Ashley‘s admitted she’s ‘100 per cent single’ and looking for love, Now can reveal Dec may have a bush tucker battle for her affections on his hands.

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    LW: i am trying to find the wonderful anthony wiener who i feel in love with for yelling at those damn repubs the other day!

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