Nexus dating reviews

The company hasn't made official statement regarding the phone just yet, but this is definitely proof that the Nexus 5 could be in the basket of devices to receive the latest Android flavor. Source | Via I believe that Google must release Android N to Nexus 5. If Nexus 5x wasn't released what about Nexus 5 updates. According to the website specialized in mobile technology, certain Huawei devices have the codes H1621 and H1622.These similarities in the model code numbers suggest that these might be the new Nexus phone models since the Huawei Nexus 6P variants had model numbers H1511 and H1512.Google is expected to launch this year two Nexus devices.

There were also been rumors in the past few weeks about HTC making the new and upcoming flagship Google Nexus smartphones carrying the latest Android software.The device shown in the leaked photos has both similarities and differences with the current Nexus smartphone models.


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