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It has no keys, doors, or other real need for a "lock" therefore the person will scurry about the ship aimlessly looking for the key. But of course the engineering cadet will be shooed away as the Mate is too busy to draw it up right this minute, keep em coming back again and again. seems pretty obvious until your are new to the marine world where every piece of rope has a name, heaving line, spring lines, tie up line, rat line, etc. Generally, maps have an insignia designating the position of "north". Relative bearing is a nautical term - the position of a vessel, navigational aid or such in relation to your vessel. Most ships have modern communication between the compartments, but they also have a simple back up system which is there but seldom used. This device which is very much like a telephone but with a built power supply is a far cry from the sounds tubes used to belch orders from the bridge in old war movies. When these critters get bigger, they can get into trouble and wreak machinery.

For the seasoned crew Ok, so the green guys are getting wiser and things are once again boring !It's time to start playing the nasty practical jokes. Little things matter on board, and a relief who can't drag his butt out of bed to relieve you on time is high on the aggravation list. Break up a large ball bearing, something along the lines of one from the slip ring end of a generator.


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    "Two playful and mischievous gals are here to have some joy together with you! We can get indeed revved on when someone is watching us.

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    S.-Mexico border critics say it is another example of the administration circumventing Congress and opening up another questionable immigration pathway.

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    Do not wear anything from the Russian clothes shop.

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    Swift continues to deny allegations that she briefly dated Zac Efron last year.

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    Loooot of fed the latest information "site" near his training.

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