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and I wish you fulfil your dreams..always wish for your success .don't giveup anything ..the best ..happy always ..... To the beutiful you is my favorite movie of you your so cute and handsome. i love you soooooooooooooooooo much.i wish you all the hard! i really love your songs like replay,hello and specially stand by me.

And now you will be part on KBS Drama Hwarang im hoping that you will shine on this drama.

Your really improving oppa on your Acting Skills on drama Beacause It's The First Time. well i just want to say one thing to you " I WISH TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND LIKE YOU ." You r the perfect man in that series..,hope u r the same even in real life . looool i still cant get over "exciting india" m sure u guys will never even think of india now. No words can described how much I love u minho oppa .

Make sure you go to other places in india as well *cough* hyderabad *cough* There are a lot of kpop fans here, you have nothing to worry about. I refer that name 'Tae joon' as i saw only "TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU" series ..! I dont even think u know how to read english u guys hardly speak english. Just to let u know there r indian korean fans but u guys just went to the wrong side of the country!!

HI minho i just finished watching to the beautiful you and i found it G.i can't help myself but after the winter sonata then came out this drama wah and then to find out the characters there if not married has a girlfriend i am really so sad,i really dont want it to know you personal info.


i hope that you and all SHINee members will come to SRI LANKA... My dear, kang tae joon, you are the most favourite actor of mine..


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