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Natural habitat: Always Paris; occasionally Twitter. Caveat: He socked Zac Efron in and in a 2014 Abercrombie and Fitch campaign. The 26-year-old has a Robert Frost title, “The Road Not Taken,” tattooed on his back. Likes: To shop and “dress smart”—enough to be Most Stylish Male at the 2014 Scottish Style Awards. The 30-year-old heir to the Hyatt hotel fortune has built his own fashion and retail empire through a 0 million holding company called Assembled Brands. Natural habitat: Barneys, checking the sales of his clothing line, Protagonist; or at his latest investment, the Line, a Soho concept store where everything is for sale.


Caveat: Keep the house in the club and it’s all good. We could say some- thing about 89Plus, his pioneering multiplatform investigation of the generation of artists and digital innovators born since the fall of the Berlin Wall, but we’re too busy looking at those lips. The 30-year- old Frenchman runs the Swiss Institute, a nonprofit Soho gallery that specializes in emerging European (especially Swiss) artists.Natural habitat: Gallery openings, art fair VIP lounges, museum launches, nonprofit art performances—it’s a job, it’s a party! His five-year relationship with Carla Bruni’s sister Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi included adopting a Senegalese baby in 2009.“It’s such a physical thing, and you have to really listen.Your greatest asset as a musician is your ear.” Siem happens to have other assets as well.

He has modeled for Dunhill and for an upcoming Hugo Boss campaign, and he appeared in Karl Lagerfeld’s book at the Kaiser’s own request—so, yes, he looks quite nice onstage in his trademark fitted suit.

As for life offstage, “I guess, for me, I haven’t met the right person yet,” he says. Likes: Recently it’s polo; the 37-year-old keeps ponies (Pampo and Panda) in upstate New York. The international DJ known as Mosey, 29, fortunately inherited his looks from mother Marie-Dominique Culioli rather than father Nicolas Sarkozy.


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