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Each operating part is designed to be light and to have as little resistance to friction as possible. However, the two-step switch proved insufficient, as the governor did not function accurately for the rear curtain at 1/20 sec.

The shutter as a unit is made to function accurately even after extended use. The rear curtain started traveling upon even the lightest touch by the slow governor, resulting in an unstable and difficult-to-adjust 1/20 sec. The shutter curtains were made of "habutae" silk and one of the surfaces was rubberized.

We'll cover the development of the F5 in a later issue. The front curtain was wound for a while, then it released the rear curtain to form a slit.Compared with today's shutters, the mechanisms in those days did not perfectly shield light; in fact, a significant amount of light entered around the shutter curtains.However, we have yet to talk about the Nikon F5, the newest addition to Nikon's SLR lineup.I had planned to address that in this issue, but while examining the F5's shutter unit, I realized that it inherited most of its technology and design concept from the Nikon Camera ( Nikon "I"). Two-step swicthing slow governor The first Nikon camera, the Nikon "I", applied a horizontal-traveling, cloth curtain winding-type shutter, the same type as was incorporated in Leica cameras.

Its smooth rotation was particularly effective when shooting in cold temperatures.A leaf-spring type friction brake was employed in order to prevent the shutter from bounding and causing shadow in the frame and/or double exposure.


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