Nina dobrev dating ian somerhalder twitter updating virtual hid driver cache

“Great night on the town with these ladies after Of course, Nina Dobrev posted her own silly photo on Instagram around the same time. ” Their interactions would continue a year later when the former, Dobrev was among the guests at the party, which marked Eastwood turning the big 3-0.In the picture, Dobrev and Eastwood both offered their best attempt at a vampire face. More recently, Dobrev and Eastwood were seen hanging together at a party during Neon Carnival at Coachella.At first Nina and Ian remained close friends and had no problem working together.However, when Ian Somerhalder began dating Nina Dobrev’s former friend, Nikki Reed, the problems began.Joining the two were , Dobrev and Eastwood got a little close and comfy during the event.



The latest gossip reveals that Nina Dobrev may be dating Ian Somerhalder’s friend, singer Mark Foster, which could also be causing some serious dislike between the former love birds.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like Ian’s relationship with Nikki Reed shows any signs of slowing. It’s unclear how Nina Dobrev will react to the news if Ian and Nikki do get engaged, but fans are hoping that it won’t end the show they love so much.


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