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Those watching on Twitter couldn't quite believe their eyes as Olivia moaned in ecstasy while Rykard spooned her under the covers.

"That was sly Rykard and Olivia - hope Rachel finds out and you both get the boot," said one angry viewer.

"Still shocked at Rykard and Olivia #Love Island" added one surprised viewer at the plot twist.

The shock sexual activity will no doubt cause havoc in the villa after the muscly hunk only just confessed how much he liked new arrival Rachel Fenton - who was asleep facing them in the next bed.

#Love Island" "Literally cannot cope with how annoying Zara is #Love Island" commented one.


Love Island viewers were rocked in the very closing minutes of the show on Tuesday night.Minutes after we'd seen Olivia Buckland gushing over new arrival Adam Maxted she hopped into her shared bed with Rykard Jenkins and promptly got hot and steamy under the covers.


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