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Current Managing Partner of Beverly Hills Egg Donation, Robyn Perchik, has over 29 years of experience in risk management underwriting.

She continues the legacy of Lisa Greer, founder of BHED, in upholding outstanding standards of business acumen and customer service.

We don't believe that relying on photos and a phone conversation alone are acceptable.

In addition, we require egg donors to provide documented proof of statements made on their application -- degrees, grades, work history, etc.

In short, we're an egg donor agency that runs differently; what this means to you is less struggle and more support. Read testimonials from parents that have used our services in the past.

Accountability Unlike many other egg donation agencies, we interview every egg donor who is added to our database -- before they're added.


After years of challenges relating to infertility, the last thing a prospective parent or couple needs is additional stress.Although there are more and more egg donor agencies entering the field, few are run by people who have extensive knowledge of the business and legal aspects.


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