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We have received a tremendous number of phone calls and emails with your questions and suggestions.Planet Out’s spent untold sums of cash revamping its infrastructure in the past few months, which was most visibly seen with the relaunch of its chat program — easily the most used feature on the site. But that’s idiot logic, because plenty of fags use the site quite often.Except ever since the gay hub debuted the new version of its site at the beginning of the month, has been plagued by downtime. Sometimes daily.) And below,’s open apology letter to members. (And yes, we’re prepared for any number of you saying how irrelevant is, because it’s just a place to hunt for sex, and why should you care. Queerty will have more on the problems festering at — but first, we want to know if it’s really affecting you, or if Facebook already supplanted the site.By our rough science, it’s been offline more than it’s been online. Since the launch of the new, the site‘s performance has been up and down.Quite embarrassing for a company that’s already had its fiscal misadventures widely reported (Queerty included), but we imagine few of you care how this affects the accounting books than it does your online cruising. For those of you who have experienced the site during an outage or when it is slow, we want to apologize. Many of you have let us know that directly, and you are right. Not only are we listening, but we are literally working around the clock to give you the experience you expect from



We continue to identify and fix the bugs that have resulted in unplanned system outages.

We are committed to customer service and getting everyone on the site.


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