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What if, in the tech world, there is no next big thing? We’re —but no, we’ve received all there’s going to be and tech’s broad strokes have all happened. We can laugh at such a proposition because we know it’s not going to happen. Do they produce actual physical things at the end of whatever it is they do? I wonder: If human beings stopped creating new technologies as of today, would the art world crater overnight?


I asked him when the rest of his stuff was arriving and he said, “I’ve been living here for six years.” Is there the occasional engineer sensitized to historically and economically consolidated art? Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft’s former CTO, had a huge, seminal Roy Lichtenstein canvas in his suburban Seattle house—but then he also has a life-size T. And, oh yes, the SFMOMA has a massive new addition.You can’t call the tech world or the Silicon Valley an art wasteland.A ,000 productivity bonus given to a Valley engineer would, in all likelihood, be used to buy original animation cells from vintage Marvin the Martian cartoons.I once visited the Palo Alto apartment of a friend who’s an expert in 3-D fly-through experiences; in his apartment was a table, a few flat-screen monitors, several drives, and a folding chair—nothing else.

Maybe there’s a next big art thing out there that’s so big as to be invisible.” Here’s another thought: What if tech itself is the next big thing in the art world? Which is better art: a performative piece whose movements are informed by real-time Los Angeles traffic patterns, or watercolors of delicate song birds done on a foggy morning? Does this young artist have any technologies that he or she needs to unlearn? So who’s making all of this new technology that’s always messing with our lives? And are they inventing things just to torment the world with relentless novelty? That would require a spoken and codified agenda which simply doesn’t exist. I’ve noticed that almost nothing annoys an engineer or mathematician more than asking if they ever think about potential superpowers unleashed by the things they’re working on—whether unintended or otherwise.What if tech itself is the Duchamp urinal in the twenty-first century Armory Show? Does it drive you crazy when autocorrect always flags the word “performative”? Only once have I received a full and honest answer to this question.


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