No sign up free swingers chat

Yes, some Swingers sites are free to use, but that is not the norm by any means.Mostly they are purely commercial ventures out to make money and nothing more.We ensure that parents can block our entire site because we have written special code into every page so that any browser can block it automatically, if set to do so.This means parents can still use this site when their children aren't around (using a password they've defined), but it's completely blocked when they are around and/or using the computer.Anyway, the old premise of having a credit card meaning you're over 18 is not required for general site content as we check all the non member images.Anyone who has access to the internet can soon find much more hardcore content without needing any kind of special access.



Also, we are in all the major third party 'net-nanny' style blocking software databases.So, if parents take their responsibility as seriously as we take ours then there is not a problem here; we're parents too!


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