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Some of you may have come here for a more explicit cam chat, but we'd prefer that you do NOT use our site for that.


You can even modify Cam Leap's look and color by pressing the Styles button on the Random Chat page. Don't forget to share Cam Leap with your friends and build our community!

If you're confused about our move from Cam to Cam .should be!


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    I've never seen such high rates of trauma as on Nauru - The Guardian (August 25, 2016) France 'burkini ban': Court to decide on beach fines - BBC (August 25, 2016) If Hollywood made an Iranian anti-US revenge fantasy - BBC (August 25, 2016) Translation Tuesday: Love in the Footnotes by Mahsa Mohebali - The Guardian (August 23, 2016) The Fake 0 Million Iran ‘Ransom’ Story - NY Times (August 23, 2016) Iran Travel Warning - USDOS (August 22, 2016) Why Russia has advanced strike fighters at an air base in Iran - WP (August 19, 2016) Post-nuclear: video games are 'blooming' in Iran and some make up to '200k' a day - DW (August 19, 2016) Azerbaijan Courts Russia and Iran - Stratfor (August 19, 2016) Iran's Paradoxical Decision-Making Process - Stratfor (August 19, 2016) Kalhor, Aynur, Gambarov and Qoçgirî: Hawniyaz review – impressive Kurdish musicianship - The Guardian (August 18, 2016) Anne Frank film shot during 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict secretly screened in Iran - The Guardian (August 18, 2016) Liveable cities 2016: 'Tehran tops the 'most improved' list – in pictures - The Guardian (August 18, 2016) Make prisoners part of diplomatic deal with Iran: Editorial - The Star (August 17, 2016) Iranian Rap Music Flourishes Underground Despite Strict Religious Laws in Tehran - Newsweek (August 16, 2016) Iran Olympic protest: Woman asked to take down sign - BBC (August 14, 2016) Charges against Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran are 'absurd' - BBC (August 14, 2016) Book sheds new light on Shah of Iran's last days - USA Today (August 14, 2016) Is Tehran on the Path to a Nuclear Weapon in 2017 Despite Obama's Iran Deal?

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