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His father, who directed D’Elia’s 2015 Netflix special “Incorrigible,” was influential as well.

“He’s really funny and he was in the entertainment business so it was engrained in me at a really early age.”One component in a lot of D’Elia’s comedy is hip-hop.

When asked if he grew up wanting to be a comedian, D’Elia quickly answered.

“Yeah, I always wanted to be a comedian ever since I can remember.

I don’t even remember having a moment where [I thought] maybe I can do [something else].

I always wanted to do it.”D’Elia’s comedy can be attributed to his heroes: Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey and Robin Williams.

D’Elia also detailed how a rude “fat” woman ignored one of his first comedy performances, and in his viral Drake video, D’Elia’s comedy could be seen as supporting hyper-masculinity. They’re not looking to find a person.”Hollywood Casino is far different from the tiny bar of disinterested patrons where D’Elia was forced to perform to their backs.

He was raised Catholic as an Italian-American, but he connected with a child of a Black Panther. he was the one that got me really into [hip-hop] because I thought it was interesting how different him and I were, but how he made me identify what I was feeling.”D’Elia’s amusement with how much rap music has changed from ‘90s hardcore rap was the source of a viral Drake comedy video in 2012.


The off the cuff comedy that D’Elia has isn’t always politically correct.He often makes playful jabs at audience members that keep them on their toes.


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