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Unlike the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report does not hide reports of "satisfied" complaints.

ALL complaints remain public and unedited in order to create a working history on the company or individual in question. You can Browse the latest Reports, Search the Reports, or Submit your report now for FREE, by clicking on File Report.

part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,.

A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. ..yes, a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

Your Ripoff Report will be discovered by millions of consumers!

Search engines will automatically discover most reports, meaning that within just a few days or weeks, your report may be found on search engines when consumers search, using key words relating to your Ripoff Report.

By filing a report, your information may aid in pursing civil or criminal proceedings against companies engaged in wrongdoing.

Ripoff Report has been contacted by almost every state Attorney Generals office, U. Postal Inspectors office, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, FBI, FTC and local and state authorities, including those in Canada, UK, Australia, and other government agencies around the world.


While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reports, Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate. Read what you can and make your decision based upon an examination of all available information.We also supply story ideas along with victim information to every network and most local affiliates and to every major TV News Magazine including Dateline, 20/20, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Inside Edition, W2 Canada, CNN, along with most major news papers including, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money, Inc. If you are a business with one or more reports filed against you, you can make it right.


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