Nonverbal learning disorder dating

There has also been evidence to suggest a greater risk for suicide (Rourke, Young, & Leenaars, 1989).

The NVLD syndrome has been described as a distinct diagnostic entity only recently.

The foremost researcher in the area is Byron Rourke, although many other individuals have been intimately involved with investigating and treating this disorder (e.g., Fletcher et al., 1992; Johnson & Myklebust, 1967).

Applied recommendations for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment are offered.

In addition, a clinical case example, along with supporting evaluation data, is provided.

This paper presents a clinical description of the syndrome based on a review of the relevant literature.

The relevance of this disorder in educational settings is emphasized.

The syndrome of nonverbal learning disabilities is now well recognized in the field of neuropsychology.



The syndrome of nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD) includes a number of specific, potentially debilitating symptoms.Rourke (1995a) has grouped these into three major areas: neuropsychological deficits, academic deficits, and social-emotional/adaptational deficits.


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