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Upon closer inspection, the Galaxy Note 2 slightly more squarish than the S3, and at 9.4mm thick, a good deal heftier, with the extra girth allowing for a Wacom-enabled screen and monstrous 3100m Ah battery.As we’ve said, the Note 2 is also a good deal larger than the S3, with a gigantic 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display taking up much of the front face.The bezel surrounding the screen has been kept to an absolute minimum, though, and as a result of the device’s new 16:9 aspect ratio, it’s taller and narrower than its predecessor.The front surface area is around the same as last year’s Note, though the aforementioned bezel-trimming has enabled Samsung to upgrade to a 5.5-inch panel in place of the original’s 5.3-incher.It’s clearly identifiable as a premium Samsung smartphone, and owing to its size, quite unlike any other mobile device out there.The original Galaxy Note was the quintessential black slab -- understated in its appearance, its only distinguishing feature was its enormous size.It’s impossible to talk about the Galaxy Note 2’s internal or external hardware without at least a nod in the general direction the Galaxy S3.Just as the original Note was heavily influenced by the Galaxy S2, the Note 2’s design is clearly based upon that of the S3.


The extra weight and thickness means it feels a bit more substantial than that phone, though -- more sturdy, less creaky.It’s just as much of a fingerprint magnet, unfortunately.The Note 2 is a bit more adventurous with its industrial design, coming in shiny “marble white” -- the version we’re reviewing here -- and “titanium grey,” which has a faux brushed metal effect going on.Because of its design, and the use of similar materials in its construction, holding the Note 2 feels a lot like holding a supersized Galaxy S3.

In fact, the it’s the spitting image of its little brother.It has a similarly curved design and metallic trim, the same button and port placements and an identical “hyperglaze” finish on the battery door.


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