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You should read the upgrade notes for each version between your current version and the target version.

To upgrade from a version not listed here, see Documentation for Previous Versions.

This is a generic upgrade guide, please read carefully the Upgrade Notes of your target version and of each intermediate version, if any (below). Upgrade problems are rare, but you'll want the backup if anything does happen.

Usually Sonar Qube releases come with some specific recommendations for upgrading from the previous version.

Some browsers download to a separate update window.

In these browsers, double-click the Reader or Acrobat file to complete the installation.

These noncumulative patch files may contain few functional updates with the intention to limit impact.

Optional Update: An update targeted at a narrow set of functional fixes with limited impact.

Updates safeguard your system against malicious attacks through PDF files.

If you've gotten multiple update messages, make sure the last update is fully installed.

Quarterly update (Q): A scheduled update that includes functional improvements, new security updates, and previously released out-of-cycle patch updates.

For Reader, these updates are sometimes available as full installers.


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