Nude websites

According to police, the photos showed the woman naked from the waist up.The Riverside woman provided police with a telephone voice message left at her residence that said, "There are a million more like this out in the public."For about two weeks, Riverside investigators who were trained in the recovery of electronic evidence were able to build a case and also confirmed that photos were still being depicted on websites and being sent in emails to several other people, including family members of the alleged victim.A rep for Jones did not immediately return FOX411’s request for comment.The “Ghostbusters” star recently made headlines after she temporarily left social media following a barrage of offensive and racist comments. The exchanges came at a career high point for the "Saturday Night Live" cast member, right after "Ghostbusters” hit theaters.Weitzel was unable to say how Kaczmarek allegedly acquired the photos and said the investigation was ongoing.The chief said Riverside detectives had recently attended training in Texas to develop skills on the recovery of electronic evidence.

Reports say images of Jones’ driver’s license and passport were published on her website, along with nude pictures that appeared to be of the “Saturday Night Live” star and explicit videos. The website, Just, has since been taken down.According to Gossip Cop, a video was also posted on Jones’ site of the gorilla Harambe.


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