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Turns out there is an add-on (free) FLOLS trailer that you can place anywhere.With a couple of mouse clicks I positioned a carrier, flight deck spotted for recovery, ten miles ahead of my Navy/Grumman EA-6B.Into the break at 300 knots, the sight picture brought back a wave of memories.Looking down at nothing but water going by, another flash of recognition.Watch the power as we come around so we don't blow a UPDATE 1: I was being facetious when I suggested some Field Carrier Landing Practice.

Or the night, downwind after a bolter, when I heard a whine under my ejection seat and knew it was a hydraulic pump cavitating.Who knows how I knew that, but a calm pilot and the emergency hydraulic system got us back on deck where they threw chocks under the tires with us still in the arresting gear, and then towed us out of the wires, straight-wing, to the consternation of Flight Deck Control with a crowded deck.Five thousand hot, horny, hard working souls trying to make it through another deployment.Over the ship at Pri Fly eye-level, I unaccountably hear a flight deck announcement, and am reminded that this is an almost, but not quite perfect, simulator not a million sim, nor a time machine.

I think they ought to stuff me when I die, and just let fly west But I did manage one OK3, at least from my perspective. And it wasn't dark, and the deck wasn't pitching, and I wasn't worried about dying, or worse yet, embarrassing clear, yellow shirt gesturing frantically.

Taxi toward the deck edge, cockpit hanging out over the water before a turn so the main mounts almost rub the steel curb that (usually) keeps you out of the catwalk.


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