Number 1 dating site on facebook

Until these issues are dealt with, serious dating (the only kind I care about), isn't going to work on Facebook. Of course the dating market is so big that you can roll out a 1/2 baked idea, get some traction if you play on the edges and maybe get some investor cash to fund your required advertising budget.

I hope someone retries the Thread model, which was almost perfect in terms of execution.

A primary reason it failed was because it didn't engage in a multi-thousand dollar a day old-school advertising campaign (broken record here but your hot new site ain't going anywhere unless you are spending big advertising bucks). Its spammy, has millions of fake profiles, breaks all the rules, and rakes in the cash. Re: The Complete Me, pulling data from Facebook is Fun With API's and a cool project.

The ones that succeed are for casual users and quite often engage in questionable member acquisition tactics and huge (expensive) churn rates.

The ones that fail try to be too clever, or rely on friends matching up friends, both of which lead to a quick demise.


I'd rather have a Twitter update-style first paragraph in my profile, pulling in FB data like Triangulate did two years ago (0k down the drain), showing that dynamic profiles are only half of the equation, if that.

Then there is the all to real issue of what dating sites are doing with your Facebook data, perceived (mostly false) lack of anonymity and general feeling that dating has no place on Facebook.


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    That was quick: Just a few days after Apple's i Phone 4 went on sale -- featuring video chat capabilities -- the "Face Time" sex chat services are already starting up.

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