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), and are a bit overly proud of their chase for fame, often acting out skits for fun outside of the dorms.

We Gallatin kids spit at the word “major,” for we are the non-conformist lost souls with open minds who eventually decide upon a “concentration.” Aka, we are as hipster as it gets, often getting distracted by the American Apparel and Shakespeare & Co. Hangouts: NYU kids strive for swankier night life than most, and were probably responsible for the underage incidents at The Jane (sorry, Manhattan).

Other hangouts include Avenue, Antik, and my friends’ personal favorite, the KGB Bar.

Students often nurse hangovers with free classes at “Yoga to the People” on St. Clothes: American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Thrift Stores (Buffalo Exchange) – “I don’t like school but I love Manhattan” With only 11% of students having had a GPA of 3.75 or higher, it’s safe to say that these students weren’t exactly “academically driven” in high school, and may have come to the big city for other reasons.

I can’t help but mention, however, that our stereotypes truly depend on which school students attend.

Tisch kids, for example, are the “struggling artists” (who can afford to pay ,000 a year?

Hangouts: Mugzs on Mondays for beer pong tournaments, Tinkers on Tuesdays, and house parties on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Arsty, extremely alternative, and pretentious sums up Pratt kids pretty thoroughly.

Hangouts: These kids often escape the island to hang out in bars and at apartment parties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

With an 11% admission rate, students at this branch of the Ivy League are safely labeled the “Rich Nerds.” Quite simply, they are better than the rest of us, with nearly 100% scoring 2050 or higher on the SATs.

A trip to the campus (one of the only actual “campuses” in the city) feels like walking into a J-Crew catalogue with slightly less attractive, stressed out models.

We live in a world where stereotypes run rampant and often find their way, whether we admit it or not, into our minds.

We all know that our perfect little island is no exception; here’s what people are saying about some of our city’s schools.

Hangouts: Despite their unfortunate location in Manhattan’s Siberia, these smarties let loose at Bar 1020 for beer on tap, La Negrita for live music, the Dead Poet for some quiet drinking, or Jake’s Dilemma, filled with your usual assortment of drunk girls and guys.Clothes: Abercrombie & Fitch, J-Crew, and lots and lots of sweats (grades beat out appearance for these kids any day). It’s pretty safe to say that NYU is filled with hipsters, celebuspawns, and “socially aware” youth, whatever that means.



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