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Note: This material was developed from Relapse Prevention seminars hosted by Terence Gorski, MS.

The extreme symptoms that we experience immediately after we stop using are called “acute withdrawal.”Acute withdrawal, unfortunately, is not the whole story.Our bodies make initial adjustments to the absence of the drug, and the major symptoms ease up.When we use, our brains actually undergo physical change to cope with the presence of the drug in our body.When we remove the drugs, our brains then demand more to satisfy the desire caused by the changes.

All we addicts and alcoholics suffer from damage to our bodies and nervous systems from drug/alcohol use, accidents, and malnutrition.We may also suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hepatitis, and we usually bring to early recovery a broad array of other problems.



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    A sex offender is a person who has committed a sexual crime, an act which is prohibited by the jurisdiction.

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