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Sextortion—defined as blackmail (often by the threat of releasing sexually explicit images of the victim) carried out over a computer network, which forces victims to engage in some form of sexual activity online—is a new term for a new crime.The remote coercion of sex is a crime that was impossible until recently, but with the expansion of the Internet and proliferation of webcams, Sextortion is a growing form of exploitation.Watch the archived conversation and view the presentation slides below.This Spreecast accompanied the release of two new papers authored by Benjamin Wittes, Cody Poplin, Quinta Jurecic, and Clara Spera.Zo Zo Chat is an extraordinary place to be and chat without registration.


Panelists will also discuss how to help victims and how to more effectively prosecute sextortionists.

This remarkably understudied crime has affected thousands of people, almost entirely women and children.

On May 11, Governance Studies hosted an online discussion at which Benjamin Wittes will release new research on sextortion.

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