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However, with hybrid topology, the sales department can be migrated safely to the cloud while leaving the support center users on-premises.

You can initiate instant messages or conferences directly from emails in Outlook, and Skype will include the message context within the communication.

You can also initiate communications from directly within Office applications like Word, Power Point, and Share Point.

This can make it easier to support Skype for Business services for users of your organization in different geographic locations or users that require specific calling features that are unavailable online today.

Or can something like Skype for Business, which offers video conferencing, screen sharing, and chat functionality similar to Webex and Goto Meeting actually get the job done?While we can’t tell you what is right for your organization in a blog post, we thought we’d share some helpful information about Skype for Business to aid your research.With so many conferencing solutions available today, many organizations are wondering whether their existing conferencing solution is an ideal fit, or whether they’re settling.Do businesses even need to pay for dedicated conferencing products anymore?

See who has access to documents, interact with your team within the document environment for unified, clear, efficient communications. Initiate a Skype video conference, share the document with your colleague, and begin real-time collaboration on the document with them right then.However, Skype for Business sets itself apart by also supporting hybrid-mode configuration, enabling coexistence between on-premise and cloud Skype for Business environments. Essentially, an organization can have some of its users in the cloud and some on-premises all leveraging the same domain name space, all seamlessly collaborating within the Skype for Business environment.


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