Online chat rooms for sexting

It is crucial that everyone knows the signs of child sexual exploitation and how to report it.

Sometimes, sending a suggestive text - otherwise known as a sext - can spice up your relationship.

He then received a picture of another man pulling up his top and revealing his nipple with the words: 'Wrong number.'The man quickly realised his mistake and awkwardly replied: 'Yep. Several texts later, it was discovered she had meant his penis.

Another failed romantic asked to be taken advantage of and said 'Hope your ready for 15 minutes of hot sex when you get homeless.' We think they meant 'home.'A poor, sexually frustrated person tried to get somebody to sext them at night.


Child Sexual Exploitation wrecks lives, but it’s not an easy thing to spot – unless you know what to look for.

It’s important to know the signs because victims of sexual exploitation are unlikely to tell anyone.


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