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He’s now clean, sober and works as the college newspaper’s editor, but he’s still tormented by old demons.Lee Hemingway is a scholarship student from Queens with ambitions to become an art historian.The series also stars Tony Award-winner Audra Mc Donald as Professor Carla Bonatelle, a Political Science professor and head of the Ethics Committee, who regularly clashes with Professor Macklin, as well as with Harold Harper (Peter Gerety), the fatherly, compassionate and often beleaguered Dean of Students.The seminar, which examines the human condition through sexuality, is taught by maverick Professor Jake Macklin, who will challenge and inspire his students as they question their assumptions about their own sexuality, life and identity.The themes include sexual responsibility, manipulation, and the differences between love and sex, passion and abstinence.Lee has a serious girlfriend, Rachel, but he’s attracted to another scholarship student, Zoe Lopez.Zoe talks a fast and flirty game, but despite her brash veneer, she is still a virgin and struggles with her growing feelings for Lee.The Bedford Diaries is an American television series that premiered March 29, 2006 on The WB and concluded its first season on May 10, 2006. The series was created by Tom Fontana and Julie Martin.

A version without explicit images was broadcast on television.

The Bedford Diaries explores the excitement and intensity of New York City college life through the eyes of six students with different backgrounds, experiences and ages, who are brought together in a provocative sexuality seminar.


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