Online dating female escort service


The company’s website is marketed toward the rich and beautiful, because Wade says, controversy is good for business.

“The goal of the homepage is to create controversy for people to go ‘Wow!

“A lot of normal people are using the site and people are accepting dates for or or . Wade suggests people do half before the date and half afterward (should they use unmarked bills, too? If dates get canceled, then no money exchanges hands.

And just like any other site, you upload your picture and bit about your personality, then you search for people you may want to date. Hot people don’t exactly need another handout when it comes to dating, but now they get compensated for it, too?

His site intends to facilitate those negotiations and collect a a tidy profit as the middleman.

Even though the site launched two weeks ago, Wade and his business team are waiting to hit a user base of 10,000 people before going public. So here’s how it works: Just like any other online dating service, you sign up and fill out a profile. People willing to pay are referred to as “the generous,” and people willing to be paid are known as “the attractives.” Which is exactly why people are a bit taken aback at the site.

Attractive, he insists, also means much more than just physical beauty.

So far, 500 first dates have been arranged by the company, and once a date has been arranged, the rest, as Wade says, is none of their business. After a price has been negotiated and site users unlock the ability to set up their first date with one another — for a fee, which is how the site makes money — the only time money exchanges hands between users comes on date night.

’ We’ve found from market research that people say I wouldn’t use the site when they first visit and then they let it sink in and come back and say it seems like a great idea.” And though he sounds earnest about it, it’s still hard to shake the feeling that this is somehow different from an auction block for sugar daddies and hot chicks. Sure, he’s quick to point out that it’s not men paying women, but also women paying men.Really, it’s anyone who is generous enough to want to date another “attractive” user.


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