Online dating for 18 year olds

However, in some venues this is not an option as we may have exclusive use of the whole venue. Do people come to speed dating alone or with friends?

Once you have selected the event you wish to attend and entered your details, simply change the number of tickets you need on the payment page.Enter your friend’s first and last name, city/postcode, their date of birth and address.Alternatively you can call us on 01 (local call rate £1 telephone booking fee) and book a ticket for your friend How can I tell my friends about speed dating events? You just need to be single, have an email address and be over 18 years old. You are very welcome to come speed dating with friends. You can also bring your friends along that are not taking part in speed dating, but we normally do not allow them to stay in the event room once the dating commences. Most people at each event will be new to speed dating so it will give you more chances to meet the right person. Yes definitely, you have to do it so that you can add your ticks online.

In most of our venues, your friends can stay in the public area. Registering yourself does not mean you are now an online member, it just means that you have an online profile.

Once you are ready to book, just click on the 'book now' button.


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