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Here are 12 of those hapas (including me): 1.) Trish, Baltimore, MD Korean/Caucasian As you know from my previous articles, my father is from Oklahoma and my mother is from Korea, so I have acquired quite a taste for both southern cooking AND spicy food!2.) Eddie, Kapolei, HI Korean/Caucasian This is my older brother Eddie. I encountered the term firsthand in Hawaii two years ago as I was paying at a register. You look mixed.” I was intrigued to learn more about the origin and use of the term, so I looked it up online and found that hapa actually originated in Hawaii and means “part” or “mixed”.Hawaiians use the term to describe someone who has a mixed heritage. S., it describes someone who is of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander descent.The one unifying theme that I found was that hapas take great pride in their heritage, and they love sharing and educating others about their mixed background.So that inspired me to reach out to some fellow hapas and ask them to share why they love being mixed, in a single photograph, in a single sentence.He lives in Hawaii and works at the Aulani Disney Resort.


As I did some more research I came across a lot of great resources and online communities for hapas, including, a hapa Facebook group and a Hawaiian musical group called HAPA that consists of a guy who is from the South Pacific and a guy from New Jersey.There’s even an entire photographic Hapa Project that was created by artist Kip Fulbeck to showcase the diversity of hapas.


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