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They have managed to perfectly adapt to the new and modern trends in dating whilst getting the best perks from technology: they are even changing our digital dating, flirting and seduction habits!Match Affinity is an online dating agency that caters to over 2,800,000 UK singles who are looking for more serious dating, in the sense of eventually finding a long-term partner.Owned by Meetic (one of the oldest and most experienced online dating providers in the world), users can undergo the Affinity Test which helps to assess their personalities.When you see your matches, you can also send them ice breakers in order to get a conversation flowing (which is handy).In order to enjoy unlimited communication, however, you’ll have to subscribe and become a premium member.


In turn, this is used to generate “matches”, making it in principle the same as many other online dating agencies in the UK.One nice thing about the Affinity questionnaire is that it doesn’t take long and covers what are known as “key life areas”.


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