Online dating regulation

Kidd says: “It is now increasingly normal for people to find their partners online and our role in identifying best practice across the industry will make it easier for people to know what to expect.Consumers will be able to look out for the ‘hallmark’ logo which verifies that the site is a member of the association and operating to these industry standards”.

Major players in the field have strengthened the enforcement of online real-name registration.The original talks to form such a body began in the aftermath of a Channel 4 News broadcast that made a host of allegations alleging white label dating site Global Personals, which has operated sites including Dating Republic, Love2Meet and Flirt Naughty, duped consumers based on the testimony of former employees.Members of the ODA will be asked to sign up to a code of conduct which insists that members are transparent with consumers over pricing models, whether they are billed on a repeated basis, data privacy, and the authenticity of dating profiles on its site.This is great news for online dating users who have long since found themselves stuck with automatic renewal of billing and hopefully the ODA will go some way in stopping the fake profiles saga that has blighted the online dating world for years.

bathroom-blowjob, a dating website in China that claims to have 85 million registered members, has set up more than 130 offline service centers in more than 80 cities to identify online users."We also introduced identity authentication from the Ministry of Public Security to ensure the profiles of our members are authentic," said Tian Fanjiang, Baihe's chief executive officer.


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