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One essential offering of the DMP is to profile current customers with thousands of third-party data attributes, such as purchase history, travel destinations, and a multitude of online behaviour.

From this information, we are able to find millions more who share the same attributes, and are also more likely to buy.

But, no thanks to burning the midnight oil to develop DMP solutions, my personal life needed a pick-me-up.

They say that if you stare at something hard enough, you begin to see patterns. So it was perfectly natural that synergies appeared between the two ‘disciplines’. Clearly dating sites provide thousands of eligible candidates — presenting these targets using our exhaustive list of criteria, with just a few clicks.

Similarly, the DMP is a real-time targeting tool that provides access to critical mass targets and empowers users to find the individual person that fits a certain target profile.


DMPs even allow us to filter by personality type, which I highly suspect has been collected from dating sites!Once upon a time, proximity, age, and the ability to hold down a job or home were the basic filters with which we appraised suitability in relationships.


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