Online dating secrets how to find your perfect partner

* Be the Chooser – a new paradigm for attracting the extraordinary: Learn how to take responsibility for the outcomes in your life by becoming The Chooser or the Architect rather than playing it safe and limiting yourself to only what’s in front of you.

* How to “Feel the Love” on Valentine’s Day : Make this Valentine’s Day sparkle by using it as an opportunity to commit to attracting the extraordinary.In this webinar, I’ll help you identify what it is that you really want to achieve in 2014 and we’ll lay the foundations of how to achieve it.


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    There are dozens of actions (sex positions, BDSM moves, etc) that you and the customer can command your character to perform!

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    VH1 also benefits from the promotion of another nude-themed show, Discovery's Naked and Afraid XL, which returned on July 12. A third clothing-optional series, TLC's Buying Naked, aired last year but didn't return this summer.

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