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"My boyfriend didn't know who I was until the third date when his daughter told him," she explains. "If a guy kept asking me to take him on the carpet or to this event or a premiere, then I’d know,” she says. In fact, I had to beg him to come on the show." For this reason, the famed matchmaker advises stars to be open to singles who suggest outings such as going to the movies, meeting up for dinner, or lounging on the beach.

But if a date keeps pushing to tag along to a VIP experience or asks for you to foot the bill, then you know they are pursuing you for the wrong reasons.

(Patti doesn't date her clients.) Stanger dabbled with profiles on Match and JDate before connecting with her boyfriend, "Online dating kind of humbles you. You become a civilian and you have to take off your tiara so to speak," she tells Yahoo Celebrity.

"Potential love interests should be screened thoroughly through a matchmaker or personal assistant or someone that celebs trust." Matchmaker Claire Wexler agrees, adding that online dating leaves the door open for celebs to encounter an array of fame seekers and gold diggers.

, however, is all for celebrities making use of the online dating sphere, as long as they go in prepared.

Hilary Duff recently announced that she has been swiping through Tinder as a means of finding eligible men.


And after inviting her first suitor to accompany her (and a bunch of her gal pals) on a bowling alley outing, the "Come Clean" singer has moved on to chatting with other singles."You're at a level of financial success that nobody is going to obtain. And so the truth is: Can you live within a certain means? I said, 'You gotta make 0k to ride my ride,'" shares Stanger.


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    According to the actor, kissing Emma Watson made him downright miserable. “I’ve known Emma since she was literally 9-years-old and we had this very brother-sister relationship.” Rupert Grint revealed that he and Emma Watson were under a lot of pressure to get the kissing scene right, which likely just compounded his misery.

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