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The study finds AR and VR will offer major applications for healthcare and product design.An Ernst and Young report indicates it's full steam ahead in the mergers & acquisitions space in 2016 as companies look to leverage tech to speed their digital transformation.Welcome to the first episode of Information Week's Expert Voice, a new podcast series featuring interviews with top IT executives, managers, and technology experts.In this episode, we speak with Stuart Clarke, chief technical officer for cybersecurity at Nuix, about the impact intelligent data analysis can have on data security.A new report finds that Google Fiber is being hampered by a slow and costly rollout of its physical high-speed internet service.To overcome delays and cost overruns, the company is reportedly looking at wireless alternatives.The main drivers behind this trend include big data analytics and Io T, both of which IT professionals should keep an eye on.In the process of transforming its brand and its technology infrastructure, Trans Union has found itself attracting top-notch IT talent normally repelled by the idea of working for a stuffy financial institution.

Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to your decision-making can help your business stay competitive.

Without the proper checks and balances, machine learning efforts can spiral out of control, exposing your organization to risks.


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