Online wechat sex

Staff at 7-11 and Cheers are so used to this gig that they’ve started actually advising people against buying the cards and going ahead with the scam.

Just what is it with people and their need for love or sex that blinds them to all common sense and lands them in all sorts of trouble?

According to the Singapore Police Force’s annual crime brief for 2015, released on Friday, online scams (classified under “commercial crimes”) saw the greatest increase from 2014 as compared to all other types of crimes.

She types either in broken English or in Chinese, and is usually a student in Singapore or something to that effect.

She’ll then keep talking to you, as long as you keep replying to her, and confide either a) that she offers cheap sexual services and is happy to loop you in on it or b) that she’s keen to meet you and get to know you better.

But first, she’ll need you to buy her a 0 or 0 Alipay or i Tunes card, scratch the code and take a picture to show it to her so she can use it.

Next thing you know, you’ll get a call from her “pimp/boss” and you’ll have to transfer a 0 security fee or a ,000 deposit to a specified number, or else he will deploy his teams of gangsters to ruin the lives of your family.

In fact, nearly all others saw decreases, with violent and serious property crimes as well as housebreaking crimes hitting a two-decade low last year.

The number of thefts and related crimes also hit a 10-year low, according to a release from the Police issued on Friday afternoon.

This is one of the worst scams, since it involves emotions and relationships, and it shows — only 383 cases were reported in 2015, double that in 2014, but some million was cheated from victims, with one person forking out a crazy 8,000.

Sure, talk to people and make friends online if that’s your game, but the moment a person you’ve never met asks you for money, run as fast as you can in the other direction. The Credit-for-sex Scam So far, only guys have been targeted in this — stranger girl adds you on We Chat or i Around, and sends you a pretty picture of herself, or has an attractive-looking profile picture.

Before you know it, he or she suddenly needs your help!

He needs you to transfer a thousand dollars to him or her for this or that very urgent reason, and is extraordinarily vague about the details.


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