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On an open mike he was heard complaining he wanted less of the reporters’ voices and more of his own during the pope town hall.

He’s becoming known as ‘Anchor Monster.’” [From Page Six] I watched the 20/20 special with the Pope and it was garbage.

“David insisted on doing his own makeup for years before he got the big job at ‘World News,’ and old habits die hard,” said our source.

“David likes to do [his foundation] himself and needs to be told that you can be too orange.

His color is off.” Muir has gone through two makeup artists at the network since he got the top job, but still insists on doing his own final touches after the professional is finished.


Friday’s heavily promoted “20/20” special featuring Muir and the pope was only neck-and-neck with a repeat of NBC’s “Dateline.” On Monday, “World News Tonight” aired segments from Muir’s papal session, but the ABC broadcast again trailed NBC by nearly a million viewers — with a little more than 8.01 million compared to NBC’s average of 9 million. 1 in total viewers all 11 weeks since Holt was officially named anchor.

An ABC source tells us, “Despite the biggest ‘get’ in the world — the pope — David is still losing to Lester.

Basically, the gist of the Page Six piece was that Muir hates that Lester Holt is winning the ratings game, even when Muir gets an exclusive (like Hillary Clinton’s apology last week).

There was also a problem with Muir’s sit-down with Pope Francis: Muir’s “big get” with Pope Francis also disappointed last week.

The first piece came from Page Six and it was all about how Muir has been nicknamed because people who work in TV journalism are great at nicknames.

He’s got that sort of clean-cut Boy Scout vibe that makes for a good nightly news anchor. I think David Muir has pissed off someone important, because there have been two hilariously mean gossip items in the past week.



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