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In an open relationship, you and your BF would be allowed to casually hook up with other people without it being considered cheating.

Polyamory is more about having more than one intimate, close relationship at the same time. According to Live Science, an estimated 4 to 5 percent of Americans are in some sort of open relationship like this. So why are researchers saying that these kinds of relationships may be better than a traditional monogamous relationship?

I can’t even think about sitting at home knowing that my boyfriend is out with another girl. Honestly, I don’t really see how these open relationships can work too well.

I can’t imagine giving him the okay to go out and have sex with other people. While it may be true that these couples are more honest with each other, still – everyone gets a little jealous once in a while.

Here’s my opinion: choosing polyamory and deciding to be an open relationship might work for some people, but I can’t see it working for everyone. I don’t think it makes me close-minded or insecure (although I will admit to being too jealous sometimes).

Personally, I could never imagine being in an open relationship. I’m just not a girl who could do something like this.

What’s the secret to being in a successful, happy, loving long-term relationship?

New research says it might be polamory, which is a kind of open relationship where partners can be with other people besides just each other.

I guess this can work if you’re really open to the idea and if you find the right person to do this with. While it may seem like something like that would only harm a relationship, new studies are showing that it might actually be the thing that can make a bond even stronger.Before I get into this, let me just clear up what polyamory is, because it’s not the same exact thing as an open relationship.It’s about more than just a quick hookup with someone else – it would almost be like having two boyfriends at the same time. For one thing, couples who look outside each other for love and hookups and all that good stuff are apparently better at communicating and being honest… If you’re going to be in this type of relationship, you have to be the sort of person who can be totally open about pretty much everything.

Studies also suggest that people in these relationships are really well-educated – they apparently have more master’s and doctoral degrees than the general population.

But for me, I’m perfectly happy with being with just my boyfriend.


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