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Hall is one of many voices in the film--voices of ordinary people who, through faith, risk their lives to challenge America to live up to its promise of equality. Originating in West Africa and pre-dating Christianity, Yoruba focuses on honoring ancestors, and worshipers c2003. DVD 3055 Presents a history of Syriac Orthodox churches, people, and monasteries in Syria, Turkey and India. Video/C 9583 This documentary captures the rich legacy of ancient African religions practiced today in the United States. The Day of the Dead is a holiday that originated in Mexico but is celebrated around the world in many cultures. DVD X7003 This powerful documentary presents a sympathetic view of voodooism in Haiti delving into the hidden world of voodoo practitioners and offering unique insight into a frequently misunderstood religion. To fulfill the gods' wishes, the Japanese duo must journey to the wondrous 'Land of Flowers' or Wirikuta, the sacred peyote gathering place of the Huichol people. Many of the protests of the 1960s are shown from the perspective of Prathia Hall, an eminent black preacher who was born in 1940 and literally grew up with the movement. DVD 3055 Episode five: Inheritors of the faith follows the journeys of African-Americans who seek a spiritual experience in the traditions of Islam and Yoruba. Video/C 5574 Examines the creation of an altar installation shown at the art Gallery SOMArts' Day of the Dead exhibition. A documentary on the history of how the Virgin Mary and the icon "Our Lady of Guadalupe" became important parts of the culture of Mexico and on the current devotion of the Mexican people to them. In the morning mist of Mount Fuji, following an all-night purification ritual, the gods demand a mysterious sacrifice from Akira and Ken. The film documents and explains the intricacies of these funeral rites and Balinese-Hindu beliefs about death. However, as Paja's children have grown up, they are losing touch with their father's 5, 000 year old traditions. Characterizes Hinduism as a philosophy and way of life rather than a rigid code of behavior or dogma. Yet once in the White House, his mainline Republican advisors actively suppress the traditional values issues. While George Bush strains to win their trust, religious leaders turn to a new crusade: building a true grassroots power structure from the ashes of the Robertson campaign. Turner's philosophy and teachings encouraged his followers to find God from within, raising their opinions about themselves and all black people. It is also the story of Cecil Williams and Thomas A. During cremation, the village is filled with smoke from pyres shaped like bulls, as the souls of the dead are cleansed of impurity, then sent out to sea to continue their journey to heaven. Examines conflict between the ancient religion and traditions of the Hmong and Christian practice and belief. He ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of friends and family with elaborate rituals that bridge the natural and spirit worlds. Video/C 8613 Shows how the Bengalis in the town of Vishnupur celebrate the annual ritual of Gajan in honor of Lord Shiva, during which the participants renounce the concerns of daily life in order to devote themselves entirely to the service of God. Explores the Hindu approach to God and the complexity of the Hindu religious experience. These groups experience a heady overnight success, registering millions of evangelical voters and helping sweep Ronald Reagan into office. Video/C 6034 With God on Our Side, Part 6: God's Armies, 1989-1994. Also features Thomas Dorsey, her mentor, and the man credited with inventing gospel music. Through the lives of two nineteenth-century black leaders, Sojourner Truth and Denmark Vesey, we see how religion and belief in God provided hope in the face of desperation. His emphasis on a black nationalist philosophy and his rejection of white power alienated him from some leaders, but led to a greater role for the black church in African-American culture. DVD 3055 Episode three: Guide my feet follows the movement of African-Americans from the South to the promised land of the North, from country to city, from rejection to hope. In Kerala, situated in the southern tip of India, Hinduism is the principal belief. Second spread of Dharma & Buddhist monastic orders. The festival celebrates the memory of the death of nine Ming emperors and has become one of the unique cultural events among the Malaysian Chinese. DVD 8524 Surveys the history of missionary presence in the Pacific countries and looks at the religious customs that have become part of both religious and social life through the incursion of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. This segment visits Sri Lanka and India to discover the Theravada Buddhism practiced throughout Southeast Asia. Interviews with the sadhus and with lay people reveal a wide range of opinions on the roles of sadhus in Hindu society today. Elder; film makers, Mira Reym Binford, Michael Camerini. DVD X4421; Video/C 4140 His Holiness the Dalai Lama talks on the Four Noble Truths: Suffering, the Causes of suffering, the Cessation of suffering, and the Path to cessation of suffering. DVD 4596 A short history of the life of Siddhartha Gautama is followed by a discussion of Buddhism and its development in India. Devotional songs telling the stories of Ramdev feature prominently in film. This documentary presents firsthand accounts of Vietnam's painful history and a discussion of hopes for congregations in Vietnam and the United States. The mandala is part of the Kalachakra rite of initiation, a secret teaching of wisdom and compassion first taught by Buddha in 600 B. Visitors to the gallery are able to view the four Tibetan Buddhists monks as they work constructing the sand mandala from millions of grains of Himalayan sand. Everest, Lord of the Dance documents activities at two Buddhist monasteries where Sherpas and Tibetans preserve a unique way of life and vision of the world. Video/C 4530 Explores the worship of Krishna in India within families and in large celebrations including the Celebration of Krishna's Birth and the Chariot Journey of Krishna. Located on Indian soil in the Himalayan foothills, this monastery's purpose is to keep the eternal, religious truths of the Bonpo alive. This Hindu temple dance tells the story of the killing of Kamsa, the king of Madhura by Krishna, Hindu deity; part of Srikrsnacaritam, an anonymous libretto for Nangiarkoothu. DVD 9328 Filmed at Nat Pwe in Taungbyon, August 2002. DVD 4087 Captures the complex human elements behind the wheeled chariot festival of the deity Rato Machhendranath of the Kathmadu Valley, one of Asia's greatest ancient religious festivals. Illustrates the many ways in which the temple brings together Indians living in America and imparts cultural awareness to their children. DVD X4422; Video/C 3382 Ramadhan , the month of fasting, is an important time of year for the followers of Islam, during which they seek to honour God by cleansing body and soul. A text unique to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Book of the Dead is an essential teaching that is read aloud to dying persons as they pass from this life to the next. Video/C 7834 Presents a Balinese ceremonial dance drama in which the never-ending struggle between the witch and the dragon is played out to the accompaniment of comic interludes and violent trance seizures. He then journeys to Africa to gain insights into tribal culture through modern rites that include torchlight processions, dance, and animal sacrifice. This segment visits the Torajas of Indonesia to investigate the experience of primal worship. Part 1 (36 min.) provides historical background on the annual festival, and shows the reenactment of the marriage of the Lord Sundareshvar and the Goddess Minakshi. Follows the gathering of local fuels and farmed vegetables, and witness how living members of this community work in harmony with elements of their physical environment to provide the supportive infrastructure surrounding the Meditation Hall, where a group of cloistered monks devote themselves to meditation practice. Burger documents his journey into the lives of China's forgotten Zen Buddhist hermit tradition. Video/C 2998 This program presents the tenets and history of the belief system founded on the teachings of Buddha as practiced in Sikkim, tucked between Nepal and Bhutan and Darjeeling, located in an adjoining district of West Bengal. Video/C 7360 A Documentary examining the lives of novice Buddhist monks in Thailand through interviews and profiles of their daily religious practices and customs, including dressing, begging, worshipping and meditating. Directed by Kate Davis, Franco Sacchi, David Heilbroner. Postwar fundamentalism is marked by optimism, mass revival meetings and disdain for worldly politics. Video/C 6030 With God on Our Side, Part 2: The Zeal of Thy House, 1969-1974.

Devotional ceremonies and observances of Hinduism and sacred Hindu literature, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, are explored, as are some of the region's ornate temples. Reviews the founding of Buddhism, examines the concepts of rebirth and Nirvana, and shows a village ceremony and a monastic retreat. Accompanies Seturam as he discusses his possible decision with colleagues, family members, other sannyasins, and holy men throughout India. Interviews with Sikh leaders and families, scholars, and human rights activists reveal a people subjected to varied levels of racial discrimination and, in India, harsh suppression and even massacres. Video/C 6293 Set in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this documentary explores Jainism, including the interrelationship between the four elements of the "Sangh." Features discussion of the religious tenets of Jainism and their implications for life in the Jain community. DVD 9890 An exploration of the lives of the last Hindu temple dancers in India...women who were regarded as brides of the god and consecrated to dance. Video/C 4255 Tells the historical, geographical, and human story of the "mother of rivers," of the Aryan civilization that shaped much of Western civilization, the birthplace of Hinduism, the holy of holies of nearly a billion people. Video/C 4580 This documentary explores one of the most cherished of Hindu religious aspirations: to die in the city of Varanasi, on the banks of the sacred Ganges, in the faith that dying here assures liberation from the cycle of earthly life. It features the Pwe ceremony to appease ghost spirits called Nats, who are summoned by the flamboyant Kadaw, or master of the Pwe. Traveling to the city of Jakarta, the filmmakers follow the lives of a typical family, as they observe the rituals and traditions of Ramadhan. The animism practiced by American Indians, the mixture of ancient religion and Roman Catholicism among the Highland Maya, the ritual of Eka Dasa Rudra among the Balinese and successful and unsuccessful modern movements serve to illustrate the thesis. Monks from Cambodia, the refugee camps, Thailand and the United States participated in the discussion on the future of Buddhism in Cambodia after the war. This program examines these memories in several major religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. DVD X2813 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4576 An in-depth presentation on the social and religious practices of women in Assam, India. Video/C 8023 Traces the roots of Sikhism and its central place of worship, the Golden Temple in Punjab, from its founder Guru Nanak in 1469 through today. Filmed on location over a four-month period, the film uses remarkable footage of the rites andliturgies performed for a recently deceased Ladakhielder. Video/C 7094 An educational documentary on Tibetan Buddhist culture of the Himalayas, filmed in the Lukil Valley of Ladakh. It also describes the day-to-day lives of Buddhist priests in Thailand as they counsel, teach, beg for alms, and meditate. Shows many of the Torajas' ceremonies, including animal sacrifice and the feasting and gaiety of the funeral season. One of only a few foreigners to have lived and studied with these hidden sages, Burger reveals to us their tradition, their wisdom, and the hardship and joy of their everyday lives. Dismayed by Supreme Court rulings banning school prayer and encouraged by the Goldwater '64 campaign, conservative Christians rise up to launch a nationwide revolt against sex education. Commentary: Jon Braun, Mel White, Jerry Falwell, Mark Hatfield,, Billy James Hargis, Phyllis Schlafly, James Dunn, Peter Gillquist, E. But the die has been cast, and in Kanawha County, West Virginia--where a local textbook controversy escalates into jailings, bombings and a miners' strike--the Religious Right is born. Commentary: Mark Hatfield, Charles Colson, James Dunn, Jon Braun, Peter Gillquist, Kathryn Long, Bill Bright, Jerry Falwell, Kenneth Briggs, Pat Robertson, Paul Weyrich, James Moffett. Video/C 6031 With God on Our Side, Part 3: We Are Family, 1974-1980. This program examines the multifaceted majority religion of India in this region. The Nine Emperors Gods Festival is celebrated in the ninth Chinese lunar month starting from day one to day nine. Includes talks with monks, school children, novices, and housewives who describe their own religious experiences and discuss the high moral standards demanded by Buddhism. These sacred teachings are the basis for all Buddhist thought and meditation. c1997.4 videocassettes (355 min.) Video/C 7095 Documentary about a retired Indian journalist, E. Seturam, who is considering whether to embark on an ancient Hindu quest for self-realization through the fourth stage of life (sannyasa). Video/C 6598 Describes Sikh principles and lifestyle and documents the recent history and current state of Sikhism in India, Europe, and North America. The film focuses on the ancient Mani-Rimdu festival of "awakening" and on Trulshig Rinpoche, the Tibetan Lama who directs its performance. Portrays the annual festival in Taungbyon, Burma, which combines conservative tradition with free-spirited music, dance and ecstatic spirit possession. Instead of exotic idealised depictions of tradition, the film portrays the gritty reality of the festival where confict or solidarity can prevail, maping the dynamic interplay between tradition and modernity. Produced and directed by Ron Hess for the Department of Religious Studies, the University of Pittsburgh. This documentary reveals the rituals of this sacred obligation as seen through the eyes of ordinary Muslims. Video/C 9181 While all cultures exhibit some religious practices and beliefs, the forms taken are diverse. Video/C 578 A report on the conference organized by Khmer conscience at the University of California, Berkeley on June 2-3, 1990 about the role of Buddhism in Khmer Society. Video/C 9388 Sacred memory forms the infrastructure of most faiths. This ground-breaking new film documents the history of the Book of the Dead and explores its traditional application in Ladakh, northern India, as well as its use in hospices in Europe and North America. Video/C 4260 Indian Buddhism transformed Tibet from a feudal society to an egalitarian culture that valued learning and religion ... This film examines the history of Tibetan Buddhism: the Lhasa/Shigatse power struggle and intervention by Genghis Khan, subsequent Tibetan alliances with Kublai and Altan Khan to contain Chinese political aspirations, and the institution of the Dalai Lama. The influence of Christian missionaries is also examined. Video/C 9676 This program, filmed in Thailand, looks at the life of Buddha and traces the development of Buddhism in various countries. Explores the reasons for the remarkable survival of the Torajas' religion at a time when other primal, animist religions are dying out as a result of contact with the outside world. Part 2 (40 min.) provides, through interviews with participants, an intimate picture of the proceedings of the 12-day festival. Includes footage of monks sitting in the Meditation Hall, farming land, gathering bamboo off the surrounding mountainsides, cooking on wood-fire stoves and feeding their resident brothers in the disciplined, ritualized manner traditional to this 1200 year-old monastery. The Zhongnan Mountains have been home to recluses for some five thousand years; Burger's experiences demonstrate that the tradition continues to thrive. DVD X1982 Begins with the creation myth of Japan and explains the origin and scope of the Kami concept; explains the arrival of Buddhism and how Buddhism and the Kami were assimilated; discusses the role of Chinese culture, style, and writing in Japanese culture; and demonstrates how the Japanese garden epitomizes the Japanese view of the relationship between man and nature, space, time, and reality. A discussion of the Four Noble Truths, including the Eightfold Path, sheds light on the practice of Buddhism in these regions while ancient monuments testify to the enduring nature of the religion. But current events prod evangelical Christians into the political arena. Henry, Pierre Guillermin, Charles Colson, Tim La Haye, Morton Blackwell, Harold I. While campus evangelists go head-to-head with campus radicals Billy Graham and Richard Nixon join forces to champion "The Silent Majority." Watergate soon teaches Graham the perils of political entanglement. The bones of the dead are uncovered, washed and arranged for cremation with accompanying prayer rites. DVD X4093 Describes the art of Shamanism and the role of the Shaman in Hmong society. Examines the temple's shrines and statues and their significance within Hinduism and discusses the community's efforts to preserve their language and culture in the face of pressures to be assimilated. To merge with the sky after death is a holy event, one that replaces the sufferings of this world with peace. The film focuses on Paja Thao, a shaman whose spiritual leadership plays a vital role in Appleton's Hmong community. Focuses on the daily life of the monastery and the village which it serves. This segment visits various sites in India and observes the performance of several types of religious ceremonies. Seizing the pro-family agenda, New Right conservative strategists midwife a brood of new Christian political organizations, most notably Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority. Video/C 2539 Documentary that follows gospel singer Willie Mae Ford Smith from her home to church services, to emotionally galvanic singing conventions. DVD 611; vhs Video/C 1873 Produced by students enrolled in Ethnographic Film (Anthropology 138B) at the University of California, Berkeley, Dept. Examines an Afro-American Christian church in which jazzmusic is the dominant element of the church service. It charts the growth of independent black churches and attempts by slaves and free blacks to unify the black community. DVD 3055 Episode two: God is a Negro focuses on the role of Henry Mc Neal Turner, whose efforts to create a sense of self-respect among African-Americans began in the political arena and shifted to the religious realm. A shadow pupped show is performed, inheritances and distributed and musical processions of mourners walk the streets. Video/C 2850 A Documentary examining the lives of novice Buddhist monks in Thailand through interviews and profiles of their daily religious practices and customs, including dressing, begging, worshipping and meditating. This film documents the final stages of the consecration of the Hindu temple built by members of that city's Indian-American community. Includes a tour of the Golden Temple and a marriage ceremony. Animated characters done in the style of traditional Indian shadow puppets narrate the tragicomic storylines, with Sita's singing voice represented by 1920's-era recordings of jazz performer Annette Hanshaw. The sky, or the universe, is where the sacred world lies. DVD 6847 Shows the life and culture of the Thao family, Hmong Americans in Appleton, Wisconsin. DVD 5515; vhs Video/C 7622 Shows the Buddhist monastery, Wat Chedi Sio, in Northern Thailand which is said to be two thousand years old. Video/C 9140 Forms part of a series on world religions in which Ronald Eyre travels around the globe asking people basic questions about their religious beliefs and practices. At the White House Conference on Families, conservative Christians choose polarization on those issues over reuniting the American family. Commentary: James Dunn, Bob Maddox, Kenneth Briggs, Cal Thomas, Jody Powell, Stuart Eizenstat, Pat Robertson, Connie Marshner, Os Guinness, Mel White, Phyllis Schlafly, John Carr, Paul Weyrich, Tim La Haye, Francis Schaeffer. Video/C 6032 With God on Our Side, Part 4: Prophets and Advisors, 1979-1984. Video/C 3987 Episode one: There is a river explores the evolution of African-American religious thought, from the beliefs and rituals Africans brought to America to the influence of Christian teachings imposed on slaves in the new world.


De Mille -- the pioneer of epic film directors, and the man who started Hollywood's long history of Biblical-themed extravaganzas. Video/C 9318 A series of lectures based on Thomas Berry's twelve principles of a functional cosmology. Everett Koop, Ed Dobson, James Robison, Michael Deaver, John Conlan, Pat Robertson, Cal Thomas, Ed Mc Ateer, Mel White. Video/C 6033 With God on Our Side, Part 5: And Who Shall Lead Them? Anti-abortion activists cheered when Reagan named one of their own, C. By the mid-80s, though, AIDS hits home even in fundamentalists circles and Koop splits with his former allies over the proper Christian response to this 'sign of God's judgement.' Pat Robertson mobilizes an 'invisible army' to support his bid for the presidency. Yet many inside the movement question if, in gaining power in the secular world, conservative Christians have lost their evangelical soul. DVD 6501 Examines the Black church in America as a source of Black heritage and cultural identity, a wellspring of social and political action, and a refuge for impoverished urban blacks. Video/C 1489 Blocks away from the Capitol and White House stands a tiny storefront church, endeavoring to combat the street violence, unemployment, and homelessness that threaten American families living in poverty. DVD 5297 The power of the Afro-American performed word, particularly that of black preachers, is examined. Among those interviewed are Rufus Thomas, Andrew Chaplin Jr., B. In Chicago, Thomas Dorsey pioneers a different direction for spiritual expression: gospel music. Evangelical leaders are forced to choose between 'speaking the truth' and 'going along to get along' in the political realm. Commentary: Jerry Falwell, Morton Blackwell, Paul Weyrich, Connie Marshner, Francis Schaeffer, Os Guinness, Udo Middelmann, Edith Schaeffer, C. The fruit of their efforts, the Christian Coalition, is now one of most politically adept membership organizations ever. DVD 7460; vhs Video/C 3209 This film documents the life of Arnold Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore, a prominent blues singer who left the stage at the height of his career to preach and sing gospel music. Concludes with a service with Moore and gospel star, Rev. Dorsey, two men a generation apart but united by a vision to take the stark reality of the streets into the church, challenging Christianity to be true to its promise of acceptance.



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