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This covers the fields of geomorphology, sedimentology and Quaternary Science with the modules I contribute to trying to make inter-disciplinary linkages between these fields as well as giving student the skills required to understand the preserved record.

I have particular interests in periglacial and desert environments and each year supervise students projects in these areas.

Combining offset risers with CRE and OSL dating implies the southern Anar fault slips at a minimum rate of 0.8 mm yr, a little faster than formerly estimated by assuming the incision, which created the risers, was coeval with the onset of the Holocene (12 ± 2 ka).

The latest regional incision in the Anar area appears rather coeval with the onset of the early-middle Holocene pluvial episode (6–10.5 ka) evidenced in the neighbouring region of Northern Oman.

In 1995 he joined the Sheffield Geography department as a PDRA to set up and run the luminescence laboratory for the Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research.



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